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17 September
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I am many things, among them a writer of speculative fiction. I write stories about events that can't possibly happen, in places that are unlikely to exist, and about people who are extraordinary. You could also say I'm a professional liar.

I am also an avid reader, a music junkie, a wannabe folk guitarist, and an all-round nerd.

This blog is essentially a diary of my writing journey. Here, I delve into my experiences as a writer, and as a man. I discuss the books I've read in my review and marginalia essays. I discuss things I've discovered about writing craft and what it means to be an artist. Occasionally I talk about my personal demons, specifically how they affect my writing.

The "D." in my pen-name stands for David, and that is my real name. I am a writer because no real job fulfills me like story-telling does.

Come inside, make yourself home. Help yourself to the fridge, the coffee is always fresh, hot water is on the stove, and I have a variety of teas.